On last saturday my english classes were over, which means I’m on vacation. To continue practicing the language, I will start writing here everyday.

I finally found someone who went to Alaska, he said: “Alaska is a fascinating place, where during the summer the flowers appear and during winter, it gets cold and icy. There are cities in northern Alaska as Barrow, where during the winter there is no light for almost a month! There you can also clearly see the famous Northern Lights, which is a result of the encounter between magnetic waves present at the poles, capable of delivering light energy.
Anchorage is the capital of Alaska and has approximately two hundred and thirty thousand inhabitants. The city is very pleasant during the summer, and well-organized. Parks, shops, museums, and restaurants are found throughout the entire length of the city’s most famous UAA (University of Alaska, Anchorage), which isthe largest university in Alaska, with reference in the areas of Arts and Biology. In Anchorage you will find hotels for all tastes. There the most comfortable and luxurious as the Hilton, and even hostels for the youth. During my trip to the state, participated in an event that occurred in the lounge of the Hilton, and during the night, went to the hostel to sleep (it’s much cheaper!). I highly recommend the hostel since I stayed in 2 during the trip, and met people from all over the world, especially Europeans who were working in Alaska. The fish industry is very strong in the place, and moves much of the economy. Many students go to work with fish, fish processing, and spend a little cold too. The city where students often get to work with fish is called Seward, which is a little further south of Anchorage, about 200 km … Seward is a very small town, but does not compare to Whittier, which is smaller and the only access is througha train tunnel”.
Alaska is one of the 50 states from USA and the biggest in territorial extension being larger than Texas, California and Montana together. However, Alaska is the state most scarcely populated. Because of it, the place is known as The Last Frontier. Nowadays the discussion about the independency of Alaska has gain strength. The economy from the place is concentrated primarily to the extraction of natural resources as oil and Alaska is the biggest national producer of fishes, other animals and vegetables from the sea and lakes. For tourism, Alaska has the highest mountains in the North of USA, impressive glaciers, ancient indigenous cultures and wild animals as bears and moose. The fresh air and the blue sky are splendid. 
>>Movie: Into The Wild


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