Other friend of mine sent me a text telling about her journey in Glasgow – Scotland in 17th January, 2008. Hope you all like it, it’s great, especially for the fans of music.

“Red doors and big windows. These were the first lightning things we saw as we entered Runfield Lane. We were looking for this place: STEREO, where Little Joy would be playing later that night.
The Lane was very dark looking like this ghettos in horror movies, where the bad guys normally hide. But, out of the sudden, the darkness faded away by a multicolor view of the inside of the bar! The big windows showed us a bright place, and as we passed through the big red doors,the sound of people was huge! And more amazing was the food, the best part is that there is no use of animal produce in any meal, so, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, the food suits you perfectly! Well, that was a very fine touch, in my opinion, gives the place an extra cool seasoning. Too bad I didn’t take a picture from inside the bar, but you can see it in the website!
In the mean time, as we were waiting for a table (yes, the gig seemed to have gotten the attencion of public!) the barman became our friend. And guess who was sitting next to me… Rodrigo Amarante (singer of Los Hermanos and Little Joy). I admit it took me some time to realize it was him, because every man there had the same looks: big black beard and big hair! And, finally, when we got seats, as I was nicely eating my delicious baba ganoush and drinking my white flower’s tea, I notice that we were 3 tables away from the whole Little Joy Staff’s table, that means, suddenly and without producing some histerical screaming people’s scene, Fabrizio Moretti walks through the house just like “yeah, I am the drummer of The Strokes. Hi” Normal. Didn’t get any attention. So cool!!
Just for the food and the ambience of Stereo the visit is worth having, I really advice you to have a look at the menu at the website, is very interesting, you can have an organic toast or an organic blueberry juice. You really feel healthy.
Now, the GIG! If the upper part of Stereo is nice, the UNDERLAND (in Alice’s time..) is much interesting: steppingdown the metal stairs, you get in a queue to drop your bags (2 pounds.. well…) and than you get some scratches with some hidrocolor pen at the back of your hand, and… we were in! Small stage, and proporcional small dancing floor, I just loved the seiling. There is a picture at the site. The Guinnes beer was warm so we ended up having some other white beer that I don’t remember the name. The bar downstairs was nice, very bizarre looking, but in some way very colourful. A band called Dead Trees oppened the concert. I had never heard of them until that day but the sound is really good! I liked them, very carismatic band. And, the bass player looks exactly like… John Lennon!
So, very disturbing was the fact that glasgonians, or how do you call them, did NOT dance… at all! Although when Little Joy started to play, I think I saw some heads bouncing.. maybe my imagination…! But only brazilians were jumping and singing. Há!” 
>>STEREO (place for food, music and events)


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