Paris, Je Promets!

I hope this post will seduce you as the suggestion from the Friendly Fires does: “One day we are gonna live in Paris, I promise”. Describing Paris with some words will be impossible, but after beying in the City of Light is a bit more easy to understand Paris’ magic. Paris is the most populated city of France. The city is located in a meander of the Seine in central Paris Basin, between the confluent of the Marne and the Seine upstrem, and the Oise and the Seine river. Paris is the comercial and economical capital of France, where the Grant’s business and financial focus. The density of its rail network, road and structure make it a focal point for international transport. The city of love is above all a important icon on the history of the world, a simbol to the french culture, the city atracts almost 30 millions of people per year, occupying a big place in the fashion, glamour and luxury world.                                    

I’ve spent 5 days in Paris. I wish I could say the things I did per day, but I really don’t remember all the details. We arrived at the hostel and started walking on the street until we found the Père Lachaise Cemitery (, where we saw Oscar Wilde’s grave (picture). We tried to search Jim Morrison, Chopin and others, but we didn’t have a map. After that, we decided to see The Bastille, which is close to the Cemitery. 

Near the Bastille is full, there are a lot of cafés and also a place to sell crepes (picture). I personally recommend the nutella crepe… My boyfriend ordered a coffee. In addition to  being expensive, it was bad, and as a lover of coffee, he left very disappointed. At night we saw The Tour Eiffel. It is beautiful, but this day we just saw it from the ground. After walking around the Seine, we decided to take 

the subway and go back to the hostel. On the same street we ate at a cute place, with jazz music and a marvellous three-cheese macaroni. On the other days we decided to check the museums: Louvre (, l’Orangerie (, Maison européenne de la photographie (, Guimet ( The last one we entered for free, on the others we had a discount for beying under 26. But if you have European citizenship, you can enter in everything for free. I wonder why…  

At night we also saw the Avenue des Champs-Élysées (, Arde Triomphe ( and the Tower ( again, but at the top. The view is worth it, but I recommend using good coats if you are going on the winter. It’s awfully freezing. We saw the inside of 2 churches: Basilique du Sacré-Coeur (, where you can not take pictures from the inside, and Notre Dame (www.­notredamedeparis­.­fr), where you can take pictures. The inside is beautiful, especially the stained glass (picture).                    

 I particularly like Montmartre very much. Over there you can see the Moulin Rouge (, Fromageries, you can find shops of macarons and places from Amélie Poulain’s movie, as Café des Deux Moulins,  Maison Collignon, her carrousel and the view from Sacre Coeur (, where Nino appears.

If you are looking for a place to shop, Galeries lafayette ( is probably the best choice. If you are searching for a romantic activity, you should go to  Pont-Neuf and Pont des Arts to place a lock with your love. Now, if you want something different I assume you should try Les Catacombes, an underground ossuary in Paris. 


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>> Our hostel: I recommend bringing flip flops to shower because the bathroom is collective. I honestly did not like the kitchen because it has no oven, microwave only. And the breakfast should have more cold cuts (Paris has several cheeses, its a shame not to put them at breakfast)

                                                                                                                     Le Fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain The Hunchback of Notre Dame
E Foram todos para Paris

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