Lima is the capital of Peru as well as its largest and most populous city. Located on the central coast of Peru, the margins of the Pacific Ocean, where it forms an urban area is still known asthe Lima Metropolitan Area, which extends over the river valleys Chillon, Rimac and Lurín within the provinces of Lima, headquarters, and Callao.
Its foundation was Hispanic January 18, 1535, as the City of Kings.It became the capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru during the Spanish regime and after independence became the capital of Peru.
According to the 2007 census, the metropolitan area of Lima has about 8.5 million people – more than 7.6 million are residents of the Province of Lima, representing approximately 30% of the Peruvian population, by the largest metropolis of Peru, as well as the fifthmost populous in Latin America and one of the 30 largestmetropolitan areas in the world.
Evidence of the city’s development in recent times is the ranking of the magazine América Economía, in which Lima appears as one of the 50 best cities for doing business in Latin America in 2009, ahead of Brasilia, San Salvador, Caracas and La Paz. The constant growth of Lima trying to establish itself as one of the major cities has not gone unnoticed. In 2008, the World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC) of the United Kingdom, included the city name on a list of cities ranked by their economic, cultural, political and historical heritage. The city was classified in the same category of other metropolitan areas in the world of great prominence, such as Miami, Bangalore, Boston, Cairo, Copenhagen and Berlin, and the city was above others as Kiev, Houston, Beirut and Karachi.


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