Talking about Campinas is easy. It’s the place where I was born and spent most of my childhood.

I consider Campinas a very cultural city, loosing only for the big ones, like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and maybe Curitiba.

What I most like to do around there? Go out with my friends and see different attractions.

There are some popular bars in the Cambuí street, and there are some alternative places near Barão Geraldo. An example would be “Bar do Zé”, a place with music and also a lot of dedication from the people who attend ( Not too far, there is also a small house called “Clube do Vinil”, if you find it interesting call the owner Charles: (19) 9141-1580 or send him an email Next to “Torre do Castelo”, from the picture, you can also find lots of bars and restaurants like the “Woodstock” (

Now, if the topic is food, I would recommend “Piola” (, “Big Jack Hamburgueria” (, “Battataria Suíça” ( or even “Cachorrão”, an amazing hot dog place in the middle of the street ( If you are a fan of originality you can search for “Caraiva” ( or “Almanaque” ( My favourite salad is from “Almanara” ( If you are searching for an Açaí, you must go to the Galerah’s Botequim (

If you are interested in photography you can try getting in contact with this people, like this, you can have a group to shoot around the city. DSC_0601

Places to spend some time relaxing? I would suggest “Lagoa do Taquaral” (–Campinas), i love eating corn there and also there is “Centro de Convivência” (

For movie fans, I have my favorite locations too: “Cpfl Cultura” (, MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som ( or “Topázio Cinemas” (

I hope you will like my city =)


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