21th January 2012: Grevenbroich – the “broken landscape of the Counts” is a young city in a historic setting. Near an old Roman road between the Rhine and Meuse, the swamp area was rich by the Counts of Kessel, whose headquarters, the county boilers at the Meuse, the end of the 13th Century cultivated. In the midst of the possessions they built on a gravel bar a fortified castle, surrounded by quarries, swamps and the Erft, forming a secure protection against enemy attacks. As a result the village after its owners count as a “rupture Comitis” was called.


The urban area of ​​Grevenbroich existed since 1975, alongside the city Grevenbroich also are the former municipalities Allrath, Barren rock, bush, Elsen, Frimmersdorf, Gindorf, Gruissem, Gubisrath, Gustorf Hemmerden, Hülchrath, chapels, Laach Langwaden, Mühlrather, Münchrath, New Elfgen, Neubrück, Neuenhausen, Neukirchen, Neukirchen Heath, Neurath, Noithausen, Orken, southern city, and Wevelinghoven four winds.

We only went to the city to visit some friends and we spent some hours there. We tried to go to this pub called “Hansa”, but it was closed.

PizzeriaWhile we waited for some friends to arrive, we ate at this Pizzeria. We walked in the city’s center and went to another pub (but I don’t remember the name of it).

Later we said goodbye to everyone and went back to Köln.

The city’s site:



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