Regensburg (to be continued)

DSC00514On 07 of december I went to Regensburg for a Reception Week of AIESEC.

We started meeting at the Hauptbahnhof.

Then we went to a restaurant called LOsteria with some big italian pizzas.

After this we started a tour in the city. We saw the “Roman Wall”: The most tangible reminder of the ancient Castra Regina (Regen Fortress), where the name ‘Regensburg’ comes from, is the remaining Roman wall, which follows Unter den Schwibbögen and veers south onto Dr-Martin-Luther-Strasse. Dating from AD 179 the rough-hewn Porta Praetoria arch is a key reminder of the city’s heritage.

Then he head to the “Steinerne Brücke”: An incredible feat of engineering for its day, Regensburg’s 900-year-old Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge) was at one time the only fortified crossing of the Danube. Ensconced in its southern tower is the Brückturm-Museum , a small historical exhibit about the bridge. Goliathhaus

We saw the “Goliath House”: The ‘Goliath House’ (Goliathhaus), built in 1260, is considered one of the most well-known landmarks of Regensburg with its painting of David and Goliath done in 1573. Along with the Haus Heuport, this is the largest ‘city castle’ with in the inner city and is located on the southern base of the old roman fort. The name is likely not derived from the biblical epic, but rather from the name ‘Goliards’. Theology students were called Goliards as their guardian angel was called Golias. It is believed that the present Goliath house was built on the location of the quarters in which these traveling theology students often stayed during the 12th century. This current house would over time belong to many patrician families such as: Dollingers, Mallers and the Nuremberger family.

Rathausplatz: torre perto da árvore de natal/Goldener Turm: torre mais alta

Next we saw the “Dom St Peter”: It takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust to the dim interior of Regensburg’s soaring landmark, the Dom St Peter, one of Bavaria’s grandest Gothic cathedrals. Impressive features inside are the kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows above the choir and in the south transept and the intricately gilded altar. Construction dates from the late 13th century, but the distinctive filigree spires weren’t added until the 19th century; the extravagant western facade also dates from this period and is festooned with sculptures.

The Domschatzmuseum brims with monstrances, tapestries and other church treasures.

catedral, escultura no cavalo: Equestrian statue of King Ludwig I, cathedral square, Regensburg Cathedral of St. Peter, old town, Unesco World Heritage Site, Regensburg, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany, Europe

Adventsmarkt am Katharinenspital

After the tour in the city we made a break in the Adventsmarkt am Katharinenspital, where we could drink Glühwein and rest next to the bonfire.


After dinner we made a tour inside the “Schloss St. Emmeram oder Schloss Thurn und Taxis”: In the 15th century, Franz von Taxis (1459–1517) assured his place in history by setting up the first European postal system, which remained a monopoly until the 19th century. In recognition of his services, the family was given a new palace, the former Benedictine monastery St Emmeram, henceforth known as Schloss Thurn und Taxis. It was soon one of the most modern palaces in Europe, and featured such luxuries as flushing toilets, central heating and electricity. Tours include a look into the Basilika St Emmeram. The palace complex also contains the Schatzkammer . The jewellery, porcelain and precious furnishings on display belonged, for many years, to the wealthiest dynasty in Germany. The fortune, administered by Prince Albert II, is still estimated at well over €1 billion.

Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt

brunch no restaurante legal

Food: I tried Dampfnudel in Karlsruhe, this is a typical dish in southern Germany


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