Malta Lake

Malta Lake

09th of January – 11th of January 2014: We left Krakow with train to Poznań. After we arrived we went to the city center, we saw the new station on the way and walked in the streets until we stopped to have dinner at Baraboo (http://www.baraboo.pl/). Later on we went to a pub called Ministerstwo Browaru (http://ministerstwobrowaru.pl/), where you can find diffent beers including the polish ones. The famous polish beers are Zywiec, Warka Jasne Pelne, Tatra, Wojak and from  Poznań is Lech.


typical flowers of Poland as souvenir

typical flowers of Poland as souvenir

On the next day we went to the Malta Lake and in the Malta shopping mall. It’s better to go there during summer where you have plent of activities to do. We walked a bit in the old town and next to the Poznanian Fara. For lunch we chose Manekin (http://manekin.pl/poznan.html) with delicious pancakes. We went into the Old Brewery shopping mall and on the way we stopped to take pictures with the Stary Marych (you can find him on the corner of ul. Półwiejska and Strzelecka). In front of this statue we also bought a tipical sweet from Poland: Rogal świętomarciński. It’s also recommended trying Kremówka and Oscypek (which we found being sold on the streets).

On the last day we tried seeing the goats of Poznań in the  Town Hall, but we were a bit late. So we went inside the  building of economic university, because if you get the lift you can see the view of the city from above. Next we saw the Imperial Castle of Poznań, the Museum of history of Poznan (http://www.euromuse.net/en/museums/museum/view-m/muzeum-historii-miasta-poznania/) and Museum of musical instruments (http://www.mnp.art.pl/en/museum/branches/museum-of-musical-instruments/). We finished our trip at Cacao Republika (http://republikaroz.pl/cacao-republika), where you can find amazing drinks with chocolate including hot chocolate.

*Where we stayed: We stayed at a friend’s house


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