Eisenach (to be continued)

The Lutherhaus

The Lutherhaus

21th December 2013: Eisenach is a german city, located in Thuringia. We spent a day in the city, and saw the main attractions. The Lutherhaus at Lutherplatz is one of the oldest half-timbered buildings remaining in Eisenach. Martin Luther is said to have lived here as a pupil during his school days in Eisenach from 1498 to 1501 as a guest of the Cotta family. The building was destroyed in a fire in 1944 but had been completely rebuilt by 1966. Currently, this house is a museum featuring multimedia exhibits relating to the period. The museum is split into five parts illustrating Luther’s life and times as well as his teachings

The Bachhaus at Frauenplan was the first museum worldwide to be dedicated to the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach in 1906. It was established through the Neue Bachgesellschaft. The house is over 600 years old and stands near the site of the house in Fleischergasse where Bach was born on 21 March 1685. Today, a 2007 expansion has been added to the museum and it holds several artifacts and a variety of 18th and 19th century musical instruments.



The Wartburg is a castle situated on a 410 metres (1,350 ft) precipice to the southwest of, and overlooking the town of Eisenach. In 1999 UNESCO added Wartburg Castle to the World Heritage List as an “Outstanding Monument of the Feudal Period in Central Europe”, citing its “Cultural Values of Universal Significance”. From May 1521 to March 1522, Martin Luther stayed at the castle, after he had been taken there for his safety at the request of Frederick the Wise following his excommunication by Pope Leo X and his refusal to recant at the Diet of Worms. It was during this period that Luther, under the name of Junker Jörg (the Knight George), translated the New Testament into German. Luther’s was not the first German translation of the Bible but it quickly became the most well known and most widely circulated.

We finished the trip visting the Christmas Market in the city and having a hot chocolate.





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