The idea for the blog…

I lived in 2010 in São Paulo, a big city from Brazil. 
During this time I’ve realised how difficult it is to live without parents and how helpful some people can be, or not. However, before I went to live alone most of my friends had already moved to other cities, even to other countries. I started sharing here stories from all these different locations where my friends are living or visiting, giving tips and bringing knowledge to everyone.

In 2013 I finally decided to take a big step in my life and live for a while in Germany. Different from other languages, german has always been a big challenge for me, but the great thing about life is being brave and learning everyday. It was an amazing experience, and I dare to say, the best in my life until now. It showed me there are so many things to see in the World, and I just hope one day I will visit most of the countries I am just researching about for this blog. I will relate movies/books to these places to add a certain fantasy to reality. 

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I will post in English, because it is easier for more people to understand, but please forgive the mistakes. Hope you all enjoy it! The name of the blog was inspired in this Justice’s song:


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