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Israel is an asian country placed in the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel currently shares borders, although partially defined, with north Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to the east and Egypt in the southwest. Israel is the only Estate of the World predominantly Jewish with a population of about 7.5 million inhabitants, of which approximately 5.62 million are Jews. The largest ethnic minority in the country is called the segment as Israeli Arabs, while minority religious groups include Muslims, Christians, Druze, Samaritans and others, most of which are found within the Arab sector.

In November 1947, the United Nations recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state, an Arab state and a direct administration of the United Nations in Jerusalem. The partition was accepted by the Zionist leaders but rejected by Arab leaders, which led to the Civil War of 1947-1948. Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948, and neighboring Arab states attacked the country the next day. Since then, Israel has fought a series of wars with neighboring Arab states and, consequently, territories Israel currently controls beyond those outlined in the Arab-Israeli Armistice Agreement of 1949. Some of the country’s international borders remain in dispute, but Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and with Jordan and despite efforts to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians, so far only met with limited success.

The stated capital (but not recognized by the international community) and seat of government is Jerusalem which is also the residence of the president of the nation, government offices, supreme court and the Knesset (parliament). The Basic Law states that “Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel” while the Palestinian Authority to see East Jerusalem as the future capital of Palestine and the United Nations and most countries do not accept the Basic Law, arguing that the final status expect future negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Most countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv, the country’s main financial center. 

Israel is a developed country and a representative democracy with universal suffrage, with a parliamentary system. The Prime Minister serves as head of government and the Knesset serves as Israel’s legislative body. The country’s economy, based on the nominal gross domestic product in 2008 was among the 41 largest in the world. Israel is in first place among the Middle Eastern countries in the Human Development Index, published by the UN as well as being considered by the IMF of the 34 advanced economies in the world  and the country’s most advanced region in terms of regulations business and economic competition. Groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have been critical of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, while the U.S. government and some European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, usually military and support Israel financially. In 2010, Israel joined the OECD.

My friend said: “My grandma is originally from Yemen as well as my grandpa but unfortunately he died 2 years ago from Alzheimer’s. We’re from literally the centre of Israel, a place called Quiriat Acron, it’s about 45 minutes drive from Tel Aviv and I personally believe is the most modern city in Israel, I’ve been to Jerusalem as well, my sister lives there and it’s very conservative, with a lot of fundamentalist haisidic jews around and a lot of soldiers also. There is a huge tourism industry in Jerusalem because of the fascinating history and archaeological sites. Popular places to visit are the Old City, which is a walled city divided into quarters, Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim. Then there’s he Western Wall, also known as he Wailing Wall because people would go to the wall and pray, here are also a lot of notes with letters placed inside the cracks in the wall. Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel by population (the first being Jerusalem) and the most modern. With a high concentration of culture and contemporary life Tel Aviv brings a huge tourism industry and a global tourism destination. Also famous for it’s world class cuisine, known as an international center of fashion and design, thriving LGBT community, entertainment and performing arts. A lot of people don’t realize that Israel is much more than a war torn country and it’s a really nice liberal environment, I met a lot of crazy people in Israel and I’ve never regretted a second of it.”

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