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The Republic of Macedonia (European Portuguese) or Macedonia (Brazilian Portuguese) is a Balkan country that until 1991 was part of socialist Yugoslavia. It limits the north with the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia, on the east by Bulgaria, Greece to the south and west with Albania. Capital: Skopje. Macedonia joined the UN in 1993 under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (ARIMA). In proclaiming its independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991, the Republic of Macedonia faced strong opposition from Greece, which considers the name Macedonia part of their cultural past and has a region named Macedonia. Thus, Greece has only agreed to the admission of the Republic of Macedonia (constitutional name) at the United Nations under the provisional name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”  and thus the Republic of Macedonia became a member in 1993.

Most international organizations adopted the same naming convention, including the NATO, the IMF and the IOC. However, a growing number of countries have abandoned the provisional UN reference, including three of the five permanent members of UN Security Council: United States, Russia and China. Ninety countries have already recognized the country as “Republic of Macedonia” or simply “Macedonia.”
The Greek government’s official position is that the word Macedonia is Greek and should only be used to designate the region of the historic kingdom of Macedonia, which is almost entirely in the territory of Greece. However, Bulgaria and the “Republic of Macedonia” refers to the part of Macedonia which includes the Greek Macedonia as Greek territory or “Aegean”, implying that the Greek side is just one part of Macedonia and not the whole .

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