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Queretaro is considered the most beautiful word in Spanish according to a worldwide research.  

The state of Querétaro is located in the center of the country two hours from Mexico City, despite being one of the smaller states of the country, it has a great history (it was the place where began the movement of Mexican independence), many tourist sites and it is considered one of the best places to live in Mexico.

With over one million and half people, with different climates from the desert to the tropical, a very peculiar cuisine, a place full of activities and historic sites, it is considered the first tourist destination in the country without beach and seventh among all.

The taxi is very cheap in the city, full of places to go out and have fun, the city center is one of the most beautiful places in the state, with its striking architecture, one of the favorite places for young people as it has many bars and restaurants, craft stores, etc. 

It has two World Heritage sites considered as the zone of historical monuments of Queretaro, the Franciscan missions of Sierra fat. Other places very important in the city are the Theatre of the Republic (where the Mexican constitution was signed), the “Arches” (aqueduct), government palace, saw the bells, the convent of the crosses and the pyramid of Serra.–8-yucutan-places-2