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18th January 2012 – Amsterdam!

18th January 2012: 

I’ve waited almost 6 months for this trip to start. Everything went very fast, but  it was worth every second.
We arrived in Amsterdam on January 18 as scheduled.
We got off at Central Station (picture) and took a public transport. But soon we left it, afraid to make a fine hahaha. At the bus stop we asked a local how to get to our hostel, very friendly she taught the way. At the end of the conversation, she said goodbye and a “Welcome to Amsterdam”. We walked much, much more than we expected, at the cold and drizzly, but we finally packed up and we check in.   The hostel was very nice and different. And luckily got a room only for us three, because it was empty. The first day we walked around town, we saw canals (picture), cute and similar houses. At night we ate Döner and went to a more touristic Amster: Red Light District.
 19th January 2012:
Unfortunately I do not remember the details as I wanted, but I know that the next day we woke up and went to visit The Van Gogh Museum (picture). This was the most expensive museum from the entire trip costing 14.50 euros, from what I remember. Very close to it there was the Amsterdam’s Letters, where we took photos. I do not remember the exact order of events, but I think after that we went to the Heineken Experience (picture). The museum tells the history of Heineken and it is still possible to taste their own beer in a bar. After this experience, we went to the house of Anne Frank, which unfortunately had no discount for students, but it was not as expensive as the Van Gogh.
For me it was amazing to go in there and imagine spending two years confined. After reading the book and beying there, we can understand a bit more of the sufferings of a War.

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Next time I wanna stay in a boat and visit the countryside to see the Tulips and windmills!