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Today I will post here a opinion of a friend who is working in Netherlands: “Knowing new cultures is always a good experience. I work for one of the Naspers group companies, Movile from Brazil, and I was invited to participate on a 3 month staff exchange program, so now I’m in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) working for another company from the group, called Nimbuzz.
Here I am having a really nice time! I’m developing a new msn/Facebook/gtalk/yahoo/etc… client for iPad in HTML5, a new standard for web programming, which I’m learning even more.
It’s being good because not only I learn technology and work/career related stuff, but also people culture, try to learn a little bit Dutch…just try…
Once in Europe, I have the opportunity to visit the countries around. Everywhere is near here! There are cheap flights and low costs hotels, so a one weekend trip to a different country costs around 250 euros. Going by train is a good idea too.
What to say shortly about the netherlands, in my point of view: a great place to live, beautiful, the economy is solid, but the prices are not so cheap if compared to other countries, people are nice (and the ladies are pretty), always help when you need, and besides Dutch they speak English very well! (Completely different from France, where people don’t like to help you, and don’t know/like to speak English at all). The public transport works fine! And don’t forget: 12:27 is not 12:30! With the trains, trams, metro, bus, is possible to go everywhere in the country easily, very easily. Having bike is mandatory! The structure for bikes is great, there is special bike path beside the streets (and probably more bikes than habitants).
The food is quite different from Brazil. The Dutch eat bread for lunch…so don’t expect a hot meal with steak, salad, rice and beans (beans? What’s this?). My normal lunch here is bread with ham/cheese and sometimes with tuna. But milk, cheese and yoghurt are the best here!
Anyway it’s being an awesome experience. I feel my English and other languages, knowledge, culture, friends network, mind and way of thinking, everything is improved. I feel I grew up a lot, professionally and personally.
Thanks God for the opportunity and I’m grateful to my friends, family and people who supported me for this internship.”

Really nice text, huh?