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As a dependent territory of the Netherlands, Aruba can be considered as part of a constitutional monarchy where the monarch (Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands) is represented on the island by a Governor. However, the island has its own government, headed by the Prime Minister, appointed in accordance with democratic elections for parliament. Foreign relations and defense are borne by the central government of the Netherlands. So, a friend of mine went to this spectacular place and gave me some tips: “So here we go: I got the hotel called the Westin. That’s what I liked there. Near it was the Riu hotel, which is more like a giant castle that has worldwide. But I’ve heard that because it is in the scheme of all inclusive and the food and drink being open, they were not as elaborate.
I recommend beaches there: Palm Beach = the trendy beach town, pump during late afternoon and evening, people go there to shop and drink in bars that are in the docks
Baby Beach = is in a place far from the village, is a desert and an exotic landscape at least, to one side you see a maximum security prison, to the other you see a lot of cacti and Bambi …. and the beach is magnificent, especially for those who like to dive, there are fishes of different colors and type!!
Aruba is very Americanized, because of the number of American tourists who visit every year. Everyone there speaks English, even the less fortunate people. This is great because I got lost going to Baby Beach and got a lot of information  easily.
The bad side is that Aruba is infested with the big chains of restaurants of America: Hard Rock Cafe, and thousands of others. At the end of 10 days of travel, I could not stand seeing burger and fries in front of me! Italian restaurants there are wonderful and serve lobsters, that you choose to prepare right from the tank. Another tip: Aruba is Danish colony and therefore is FREE PORT. It is a free open-air shop, has thousands of brands in Palm Beach!However its not strong for electronic business…. look for fashion and perfumes. Oh, and you can not forget: Danish cheese is divine to eat up at the corner bar, wonderful!
Tip for night: Señor Frogs = is a Mexican bar, a network that is worldwide. VÀRZEA is a bar, a party, most young people shouting hahahahah well for the same! They serve drinks to 60 cm tall, glass and takes you home! Oh, and do not go driving hahahaha from time to time plays a horn and the waiters line up with a bottle in his hand and go knocking tequila in the mouth of  who passes by. Drink tip: Aruba Arriba = a bomb that has a lot of mixed drink, to die hahahaha. In the picture you can see the Divi Divi Tree. The natives say that this tree is bent because the wind always blows in Aruba from the mainland to the coast. Most of the spells of that majestic place!”