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Moscow (maybe 2016)

In Russian: Москва, transl. “Moskva”, read Maskvá is the capital and largest city of Russia. It is also the largest metropolitan area in Europe  and is among the largest urban areas in the world. Moscow is a great center for political, economic, cultural, religious, financial, educational and transportation of Russia and the world, a global city. It is also the seventh largest city in the world, a megacity. The population of Moscow (on June 1, 2009) is 10,524,400.
The city is located near the Moscow River in the Central Federal District, in the European part of Russia. Moscow sits at the junction of three geological platforms.  Historically, it was the capital of the former Soviet Union, the Russian Empire, Tsarist Russia and the Grand Duchy of Moscow. It is the headquarters of the Moscow Kremlin, one of the World Heritage city, which serves as the residence of the President of Russia. The Russian parliament (Duma and Federation Council) and the Government of Russia are also based in Moscow.
Moscow is an important economic center and is home to one of the largest number of billionaires in the world,  in 2008 Moscow was named the world’s most expensive city for foreign workers, the third consecutive year. However In 2009, Moscow was up to third place after being overtaken by Tokyo and Osaka, respectively.
It is home to many scientific and educational institutions as well as numerous sports facilities. It has a complex transportation system that includes four international airports, rail terminals 9 and the second busiest subway system in the world (after Tokyo), which is famous for its architecture and art.
Over time, the city has a variety of nicknames, most referring to its pre-eminent status in the country: “Third Rome” (Третий Рим), “Whitestone” (Белокаменная), “The First Throne”(Первопрестольная), “The Forty Strong” (Сорок Сороков)